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OK – you’ve ‘got’ property as an excellent way to build an income that will set you free from the financial drudge, but it’s a slow and painful process to grow your portfolio.

The problems of financing a growing portfolio are many – but there is usually a smart solution – if you’re one of the privileged few who really understand how to finance your property investments intelligently.

  • You’ve got a limited amount of available cash each new purchase ties your funds in deposits until you can save up enough for the next one:
    It’s time to escape from the mortgage-buyer mind-set!
  • You’ve got a property with fantastic potential – but your BTL lender says ‘Sorry, we don’t lend on that type of property’:
    It’s time to escape from their blinkered thinking and discover a superior method of financing
  • You’re fed up with cash buyers pinching all the best deals because they can complete so much faster when no mortgage is needed:
    It’s time to learn the secret – that you don’t need a six figure bank balance to operate exactly the way cash buyers do

“Kevin teaches you how to have advantage of becoming a cash buyer. This knowledge when applied can seriously improve your wealth.”
Saddat Abid

kevin wright
Kevin Wright, sought after property finance coach, has been delivering his highly successful workshops since 2013…


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Are you ready?

If you’re fed up with lack of cash restricting your property investment and want to escape from BTL mortgages, come along to the Ninja Networking Blitz:

  • You’ll meet like-minded property investors
  • You can take the opportunity to join the Elite mindset development lunch
  • You can join the VIP Brainstorming session and get your property finance questions answered
  • You’ll discover how to Recycle Your Cash – with smarter financing
  • You will find it unlike any other property networking meeting you’ve ever attended!

Why are we doing this?

As an added bonus you’ll be doing your bit for those people who can’t afford a home – not even to rent – and are homeless as we are donating £20 on behalf of EVERY attendee to a local charity that helps the homeless.

Choose the location nearest to you:

“Since I learned the secrets of Recycle Your Cash Kevin has continued to provide and deliver genuine support, advice and encouragement to me. The support he gives is prompt, personal and unconditional.”
Gordon Mak

This sounds expensive … is it for me?

Most people are happy to pay £20 for a property networking event – so that’s what the Ninja Networking ticket costs.

The difference is that ALL of this will go to a local homeless charity to help them. You’ll find details of the charity for your chosen event on the dedicated page.

Don’t miss this opportunity – you’ll be glad you joined us

Join the Ninja Networkers for just £20

Or, if you want to join the two-hour VIP Q&A brainstorming session too, it’s only £67
(includes entry to the Ninja Networking session)

“It’s the best value property event I have ever been to. I got so much from the 2 hours! It’s quite close and intimate, it’s easy to get ‘lost’ in bigger rooms and. I felt I gained from others questions and hope they did from mine.”

Ross Downs

Join me for lunch where I share the specific mindset techniques I used to beat cancer in only EIGHT weeks – and how these can be transferred to skyrocket what you achieve in property.  These techniques are invaluable, but attending the ELITE lunch will cost ONLY £147
(includes entry to the VIP Q&A and Ninja Networking sessions)

“Since the event in April and the course we attended I’m glad to inform we have gone from zero to 5 properties, 2 HMO lease options, 2  single let lease options which we are looking to turn into HMO’s, and one other 2 bed house which is an assisted sale.  I can honestly say you inspired us to take action, one of your metaphors that sticks with me “step out of your comfort zone and keep doing so”. That we did and so far so good. We are now cash flowing 2K PCM, 65K+ equity between the four properties, and stand to profit 16K on the 5th property assisted sale when we complete it and flip.”

Martin James